Omega Contrast Control unit free for shipping

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    This came from the PHSNE dollar table, and I thought someone here might find the thing interesting, and hopefully even useful.
    It's called an Omega Contrast Control unit and it has yellow and magenta filters and a solenoid that can switch them under the lens.
    According to the label it's made to work with Omega Contrast Timer Cat No 7143

    Both filters are broken, and I have no way to test whether or not it even functions, as I do not have a Cat no 7143 Omega timer, nor much inclination to try to cobble up something. On the positive side, the cord seems to be in reasonable shape, and when I took a look inside everything seemed to be intact.
    Free for shipping, as is condition.

    Interestingly the only information I found was a thread in here from a few years ago where Whitey was asking about the timer.

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