Old panatomic-x, Isopan IFF

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    I bought an old 4x5 with a rollfilm back and found two old unopened rolls of film, Kodak Panatomic-x (expired Feb. 1968), and Agfa Isopan IFF (expired Nov. 1966). Do you think I could get any good results from using these? Any precautions I should take if I do (adjusting exposure, filtration, etc.)? Anyone know what developers/times would be best?
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    The Panatomic will -most likely- be fine. Maybe rate it at 20. No idea about the other. Perhaps rate at 10 and develop a little extra.
    I'm using 1970 Plus-X kept in a basement for my 4x5 learning curve. I'm rating it at 25 and though I haven't done any EI tests with it ..seems to work OK.
    I process with 5ml Orthazite per liter in D76 ..which isn't the best choice for keeping down fog. I normally use Xtol but I mixed up this to try with 4x5. Takes the fog down considerably. I've read elsewhere that Anti-fog doesn't work with old film especially well but why then would it work with paper? I don't get that. It works.

    Without that it needed about a grade 3 or 3.5 perhaps for normalish looking prints. I have not done testing on speed loss that comes as result of using Benzotriazole/Orthazite ..but looking OK.
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    I attach a scan of a pair of charts from Modern Photo Almanac 1969 that answer your question about developing. You might be lucky with the film. It might benefit from a low fog developer like Rodinal (good for slow films anyway).

    The charts are each two-page spreads. Print them and lay them side by side.

    <edit> the page order is not what I wanted, but if you follow the page numbers you'll get it.

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