NORITSU 2901 -V- 3001

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    Not sure if this is really the best place for this question, but I figure there may be some members here who are familiar with these machines.

    I have the choice to buy either of these machines - apart from the obvious difference in that the 2901 will print 12" wide and the 3001 8" wide, I am more interested in:

    1. Quality of print
    2. Scanner quality and speed

    am I right in thinking the 2901 is an older machine?

    and I know the 2901 uses MLVA to expose the paper, as opposed to the 3001 which uses a laser - I'm guessing the laser is probably superior?

    Any help gratefully received. Very little available on the web.

    thanks, Matt.
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    Jul 28, 2011
    I'm hoping to some help. I have 10 years in one hour & 20 years in the old style labs.
    Laser help on under & over neg. I would like to know how old the software is. If the software is in CD-R and over five years old are older. The software may have faded off the disk. With the printers who's got the most parts to fix.
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    May 16, 2011
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    Out of curiosity, what replenishment system is it? If you can, get the 3001. I used to fix these machines for a living. So long as you run about 750-1000+ prints a day, and clean it once a week, you shouldn't have any problems. If you go less than that, chemistry will start to go stale and you'll have to do frequent remixes. The scanner can occasionally put lines in gradients, but that's typical for Noritsu line scanners.