Nikon MD-12 problem

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    Hi Forummmers!

    I bought a used nikon MD-12 few months back and it has been working awesomely!

    Recently, the winder was not working as fast as it should be, the 'sound' it gave was kinda diying, so i changed a new set of batteries (all 8 of them) and when i turned it on, tested it, it did not work!

    I tried the 'coin' testing on the tip of the connector (4 pins) and all i can see is a half lighting on the LED, which sometimes on and most of the time dont,

    It does not wind anymore, any suggestions what might be wrong with it? or is it a sign of true deadness and i cant do anything to revive it?


  2. Nicholas Lindan

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    1. Clean the battery contacts in the camera and the battery holder using a pencil eraser or very fine sandpaper like an emery cloth or #600 wet/dry.
    2. Try another set of batteries. Even a 'fresh' set can have one dead battery in it, and it only takes one faulty battery to bring the whole 'chain' of end-to-end batteries to a halt.
    3. Then there is the synchronization problem - keep playing with the drive and camera and see if it starts working. Be sure the manual wind lever is in and not out in the manual shooting position.