Nikon F100(w/ lens) for Pentax 645N(w/ lens)

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    hey all,

    I've decided to only shoot 35mm with my p&s T4 from now on, so I'm looking to trade my F100 w/ a 50mm-AF 1.8D lens for a Pentax 645(645N w/ cash from my end to compensate for price difference) w/ a 75mm lens, and 120 or 220 insert.

    my F100 is in great condition, all functions work flawlessly. I'm the 2nd owner, I've had it just under 1 year, but since I'm shooting mostly MF and LF now, I just don't want it to sit there, unused. It has some bumps and scrapes here and there, and the rubber by the grip is coming off, but from below, not at the edge).

    I'm looking for a similar-condition Pentax 645N w/ a 75mm 2.8 lens(non-LS) with a 120 or 220 insert.

    I figure too that if we each cover shipping to each other from our end, I think that should work out fine. I'll be shipping via USPS Priority in the USA.

    here's some pictures to oggle over :tongue: