New Rag Mat Board for your Framing Needs

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    Nov 7, 2005
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    We have just greatly expanded our conservation rag mat board line with new colors and types:

    8-Ply Alphagag Mat Board – 11 new colors
    4-Ply Alpharag Mat Baord – 25 new colors
    2-Ply Alpharag Mounting Board – 2 new colors

    The 2-Ply can be used for mounting portfolio prints to, buffer layer over a non rag picture frame backing, or for color matching when float mounting a print where part of the mounting board is exposed.

    Bainbridge Artcare Alpharag mat board is some of the best protection you can buy for framing your prints:
    100% cotton rag
    Solid color throughout including the bevel
    Acid free and Lignin free
    Bleed and fade resistant
    Buffered to maintain alphaline pH
    Passes Photogarphic Activity Test
    Meets and exceeds ANSI/NISO A39.48-1992 Regulations for paper permanence