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    I am thrilled to introduce a new Limited Edition print offer, and share this information with my friends on APUG. As many of you know, most of my prints are issued as non-numbered “open editions,” but over the years I have offered a number of Limited Edition prints for special projects. I am pleased to say that nearly all of these previous Limited Edition prints sold out very quickly which, as you might imagine, has been very flattering. My new Limited Edition print of Oaks in Fog, Sunrise, Carmel Valley is now available for order online at a discounted price. This print will be offered in a Limited Edition of 100 numbered silver gelatin prints, plus 10 Artist’s Proofs. When the edition is sold out no further prints will be made for sale in any size

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    The image was made on a misty morning not far, as the crow flies, from our home. As I began exploring this wonderful area of oak trees, the ridge was completely enshrouded in fog. My wristwatch indicated that the sun had already risen, but there was no evidence of it. Then suddenly the fog began to lift and thin, and the sun appeared through the mist-filled sky, creating an ethereal illumination among the oaks. I worked very quickly with my Linhof 4x5 camera and 120mm lens. I exposed two negatives, as I typically do, giving them an identical exposure. Even though only a few seconds passed between the two exposures, the diffused fog and lighting had changed. Within a moment or two after exposing the negatives the entire scene was in full sun, and the magical quality of light had evaporated.