New f-Stop Timer from Darkroom Automation

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    Sep 2, 2006
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    The new f-Stop timer from
    Darkroom Automation

    With these features:

    o 300 steps of non-volatile memory
    - Room to keep the sequences for your most popular prints in
    memory - ready for whenever you need them and with no re-
    - Room to experiment when you design a print's exposure
    sequence; keep several approaches in memory at the same

    o Easy memory programming
    - The timer's prompting display, menus and consistent
    operation make programming easy
    - On-the fly programming, no special programming mode
    - Insert, delete and modify steps at any time

    o Split filter printing
    - High and low contrast channels; the timer prompts for
    filter changes
    - Separate control of exposure and contrast
    - Either high or low contrast can be exposed first for the
    base exposure
    - Extensive dodge and burn support
    . Convenient optional combined dodge & burn sequence for
    prints made at one contrast: only one sequence to edit
    and modify
    . Separate dodge and burn sequences for prints made with
    varying dodge and burn contrast
    . Dodge and burn contrasts remain constant with changes to
    base exposure

    o Ease of operation
    - Automatically advances through steps when executing a
    memorized exposure, loops back to the beginning
    - No doubled up keys, consistent operation, clear display

    o Extremely powerful and flexible dodging and burning; dodges
    and burns in stops +/- the base exposure
    - Only timer with a dedicated dodging mode
    . Any number of dodges; timer splits and combines dodges
    so they fit into the exposure time, i.e. combines a 1
    stop dodge and a 2 stop dodge
    . Changes to a dodge exposures do not change the base
    exposure, burn exposures or other dodge exposures; no
    ripple-through effects
    - Burning and progressive burning
    . Any number of base burns
    . Any number of burns within a base burn
    . Any number of burns within burns within burns within...
    . Store and return to way-points in burning sequences

    o Automatic test strips and test prints
    - Progressive test strips at any starting exposure and any
    exposure stop interval
    - Sequences of individual test prints at increasing exposures

    o More
    - Programmable cold-light start-up delay
    - Compensate for changes in paper speed - enter one value
    when using a new box of paper and all exposures are
    - Percentage compensation for dry-down
    - Can be set to work as an ordinary 'seconds' timer

    Owners of the original f-Stop Timer can have their units upgraded
    to the latest model. See website for details.
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    Wow, if this had been available when I was making my purchasing decision, it woulda been a contender! Sounds great.