Minolta x-700 - mirror stuck up, shutter and lover too.

Discussion in 'Camera Building, Repairs & Modification' started by KOCATKA, Jan 29, 2018.


    KOCATKA Member

    Jan 29, 2018
    Moscow, Russia
    Hello! I searching the problem solution but i'm fail.
    I bought my "new" Minolta and after some shots mirror stuck up, the shutter curtain is closed and lover is blocked. i think problem can be in capacitors but lightmeter working.
    I hope you can help me to solve this problem c:
  2. shutterfinger

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    Welcome to the site.
    What is a lover on a camera? Translator error?
    You can download a copy of the instruction manual here: http://www.butkus.org/chinon/minolta/minolta_x-700/minolta_x-700.htm
    What type of batteries do you have installed? Try fresh batteries to see if the camera resets and works.
    If batteries do not solve the problem then remove the lens and gently pull down on the front edge of the mirror. If the mirror drops down then replace the foam seal around the focusing screen as its acting like glue and causing the mirror to stick.
  3. lantau

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    He means the advance lever. I bought and returned an X700 which had a dead capacitor on arrival. It simply didn't do anything, lever locked because the camera was cocked and the mirror was down.

    I can only speculate that the mirror would be up if the capacitor died in just that moment after the mirror went up. How likely is that... So my guess is that you have is the same that happened to me on the X700 that I bought after that DoA one. The shutter curtain got stuck and the camera stopped with mirror up just like the OPs.

    The mail that I got from the repair shop after the free of charge check was that 'there are some problems with the shutter curtain [...] need to disassemble your camera to repair and lubricate.' I replied, telling them to go ahead and the camera was fixed after a few days. So it's not always the capacitors.

    I'd say if you can return it do so. If you have a cheap place to have it checked and fixed than it is the second option. If not you can try to replace the capacitor(s), which will save you from doing it later, anyway. If it is still not working then find a repairman because it is likely mechanical.
  4. John Koehrer

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    With the mirror up, the lever can't move.
    The curtain has to go all the way to the left to complete it's action.
    If you look at the film gate and can see a shiny black piece going from top to bottom on the left, it's not complete and
    needs to finish it's travel.

    Don't force anything.

    I've cured this two ways.
    1) no lens, back open, pinch the curtain and move it to the right. Let it go and if it's tension on the curtain it may travel fast enough to complete it's cycle.
    2) If there's a metal bar partly showing when you look at the film gate, gently push it to the left. If it releases it just hasn't finished it's travel. ^^same thing^^
    This can happen if you put too much pressure on the film putting it in the take up spool.
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