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    The back story is here.....
    My neighbors asked me to "photograph" their 16 year old daughter. They have friends with several "Vintage Cars" and some attractive grounds at their home. I am nothing but a hack "Street Photographer". I suggested i get them the name of one of my fellow students that:
    1. Shoot digital and color.
    2. Have experience with Lighting/Portraiture
    They said if i do not shoot her with Color, 35mm, Film...they will simply do it with their Cell Phones.
    OK. Great. They pay for the film and processing, and i get to spend a few hours taking pictures of an attractive young woman.
    So i think i should read a little about shooting people.......


    You can skip my boring biography and go here.....!!!!!!!!!
    I look at the HP Books series, "How To Photograph People" copy 1981
    ...and there is an example from Martin Parr.
    I only know him as a "controversial" member of Magnum, that takes (odd to me) color photos of mundane scenes on the street.
    Obviously, Mr. Parr has a much older and broader resume than i was ever aware of, from watching just one or two Youtube Videos.:smile: