made my own developer--D-76 1:1 + rodinal 1:100

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    Sep 29, 2007
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    i mixed up some D-76 1:1 and threw in some rodinal @ 1:100 and tried it on some neopan 400. just wondering what the result of this should be? negs are still drying and look ok although the film was underexposed since it was some night shots of a band on stage and some other night stuff. i know it's not the best roll to be testing out weird soup but you know how that all goes . . . .

    maybe the sulfite in the D-76 will allow the rodinal to work with less grain effect? what do the experts think?
  2. gainer

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    Sep 20, 2002
    OTH, maybe the Rodinal will cause the D-76 to be more grainy. I predict no difference worth shouting about. The higher pH of Rodinal will not have much chance to show because the borax and sulfite of D-76 will drown it out. The gram or less of p-aminophenol compound (per liter of 1:100 working solution) won't add much to the Metol in 1:1 D-76. Just guessing.