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    Not use if this is the right forum (I'm a new person here viewing APUG) but I thought I'll post this group show.

    This photography exhibition by the League of Upper Midwest Pinholers Society will be held in the Foss Gallery at the Edina Art Center, Feb. 25 thru Mar. 26, 2009 with a closing night reception to meet the artists on Thurs., Mar. 26, 5 – 8 p.m.

    Photographs shown in this exhibit were made with a homemade or commercial cameras using film or photographic paper to capture the light. Viewing this show will confirm that the same technique can create marvelous works of art. Whether you are dedicated photographer or a curious art lover, this exhibit guarantees amazement and delight.

    Minnesotans Bill Erickson and Tom Miller founded the League of Upper Midwest Pinholers. Both attended separate workshops taught by Eric Renner and Nancy Spencer (founders of Pinhole Resource in 1984). Renner mentioned to Erickson that there was another pinholer in Minnesota. Erickson contacted Miller via the Pinhole Discussion Listserv. They met in person Jan. 2001 in St. Peter and hatched a plan to invite Minnesota pinhole photographers to a gathering. They continue to meet every fall.

    The Art Center will also offer workshops in preparation for the BIG event of APRIL 26 -always on the last Sunday of April, the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day celebration takes place. It has grown immensely. In 2001, 291 photographers took part, and today, that number is over ten times that. All around the world, photographers take pinhole photographs on that day and upload them on the Internet for everyone to see.

    On Thursday, Mar. 26 from 5-8 p.m., the public is invited to a reception for participating artists. Many of the works will be available for sale. Take this opportunity to meet the artists, view and talk to them about their work and ask them questions about their workshops, exhibits and make-your-own-pinhole photo events. Free and open to the public.

    Edina Art Center thanks Ric Johnson for coordinating the exhibit at the Edina Art Center. He is a member of the League of Upper Midwest Pinholers and also an instructor at Edina Art Center. The Art Center is one of the few places in the Twin Cities area who has darkrooms available for the public. Ric has been responsible for keeping the darkrooms up and running for more than ten years.

    Photographers displaying their photographs are: Earl Johnson, Chrissy Johnson, Scott Stillman, Marv Thompson, Tom Miller and Ric Johnson.

    Still in the works is a tentative pottery workshop from the famous Canadian Steve Irvine, ceramic pinhole camera creator. Details to be announced later.

    Notes from Diana Hedges, Edina Art Center Director:
    "I think one of the “hooks” of the Pinhole Photography exhibit for me is the aspect that it is anti-high tech. The folks who are making cameras out of oatmeal boxes and spam containers are not only contributing to the world’s recycling and green efforts, they are creating a renaissance of photographic “back to origin” awareness.

    Proving that you don’t need a Hasselblad H3D series camera to create stunning photos, the Pinhole Camera revival is responsible for sharing images in a universal format that also creates a sense of unity in our world. We can all use more of that! " ---- Diana

    For more information, call the Edina Art Center at 612-915-6600 or visit http://www.EdinaArtCenter.com. The Edina Art Center is located at 4701 W 64th Street, Edina, MN, one mile west of Southdale on the northwest corner of Rosland Park (formerly Lake Cornelia Park).