Konica Big Mini 510Z Film Advance Problems

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    I recently picked up a Big Mini 510Z, cleaned it up, dropped in a new battery, loaded a new roll of film, successfully turned on the camera and it advanced to first frame. After I shot the first photo, I hear the shutter click but then the LCD display just starts blinking all the available symbols and the camera shuts off after about 5 seconds. I can power on the camera, but when I click for a photo, nothing happens except the LCD display starts blinking again. I have removed/inserted the battery and film a couple times without any changes. Is anyone familiar with this problem and are there any solutions to fix it besides the rubbish bin? Thank you in advance for your help.
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    Blow it out with some canned air.
    The bulk of the camera is attached to the front of the plastic clam shell case, take the screws out of the back, carefully disengage the snap locks, separate the back from the front, and blow out every nook and crevice then reassemble and try it again.
    If it still blinks after blowing it out its an electronics failure.
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