Konica Auto Bellows AR Kit

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    Konica Auto Bellows with slide copy attachment and original Konica double cable release. Scarce Konica accessory for Konica 35mm SLR cameras (T, T2, T3 Auto Reflex series) If you're a Konica person, then you already know that these are not easy to find!

    You can also duplicate slides with the slide copier. If you plan to adapt this for use with a digital SLR cameras, I expect you can convert slides to digital files, but check that for yourself.

    The camera and lens shown in the photo is only to illustrate how the bellows attach to a camera and is NOT INCLUDED.

    The Bellows, double cable release, and slide copier (only) are available for $70 plus shipping,. For sale within the US.. Nothing else is included.

    However if you are interested in buying both the camera (Konica T3) with 50mm f1.4 AND bellows outfit ,we can talk. The camera is not mint, but a good "user". Photos of the camera and lens on request.

    IMG_0600.JPG IMG_0597.JPG IMG_0598.JPG