Kodak Retina Automatic III issue

Discussion in 'Rangefinder Forum' started by tjaded, Jun 27, 2011.

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    Hi all--
    I just picked up a Kodak Retina Automatic III in really clean condition. There is one problem that makes no sense to me, just curious if any of you have encountered this before. The shutter fires fine at all speeds but it will ONLY fire when the aperture is set to Automatic. The light meter does not seem to work properly so I was assuming it would be the other way around--only fires when using it fully manual. It looks like the aperture stays stopped down to 22. Sort of a drag, must shoot at 22! It's not a big deal, I got it for $10 and can always use it as a display camera at my shop but it would be cool to see if I can get it to work! Any thoughts?