Kodak polytoner

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    Sep 10, 2002
    While on the subject of Forte papers, will sort of........

    I have found several hundred sheets of the old polywarmtone paper. The stuff that splits so beautifully. ANy way, i had planned on using hypo alum and nelson's gold for a series of prints and pray for great splits.

    Linda Bulter in her Italy book has some wonderful split toned prints using that paper with Kodak polytoner. Kodak stopped making that toner a year or so ago and there was a series searching around for a replacement.
    A long thread appeared on pure-silver with Richard Knoppow posting several formula using Kodak Brown Toner and selenium, etc. I tried some with the current polywarmtoneplus papers, and it was nice but no splitting and a fairly standard brown/eggplant shade, no blue's and yellows.
    So this is the question (*sorry to be so long winded just sitting the scene) has anyone tried the brown toner formula on the "old version of polywarmtone" or any other older papers that contain cadium? If so, did splitting occur?

    I am asking as I have a limited amount of this paper and don't want to test to many options.