Kodak Panoram 1D problem

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    Jun 6, 2017
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    I just put my first test roll through a Kodak No. 1D Panoram (1917 or earlier, no ratchet mechanism) and most things seem to work (no light leaks), but every picture has what seems to be a horizontal blur as if the camera shook from side to side. All exposures were tripod mounted on a Manfrotto that's more than stable enough for this camera. Vertical lines are blurry, horizontal not so much. All 4 were shot on the higher tension setting. You can see the shots at the link below. Any ideas what the problem is? The lens/shutter swings as it should, but does seem to go faster in one direction than the other. For reference, in the brick wall shot the wall is about 15 feet from the camera at the closest point. Notice how the verticals between bricks are nonexistant, but the horizontal lines are well defined if blurry.

    Here's the gallery: http://www.jongilchristphotography.com/Film/Kodak-No-1-Panoram/2018-01-07-Acros-first-roll-test/

    Ignore the dust and crap on the scan, and the general out-of-focus issues, those I'll fix after I get the horizontal blur fixed.