Just returned from New Mexico!

Discussion in 'Geographic Location' started by Sportera, Oct 4, 2006.

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    Dec 16, 2003
    New Orleans
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    I traveled to Santa Fe to see davidb's (David Bram's), and Sante Fe photographer Jake Mendel's show. David and Jake photographed New Orleans five months post Katrina, we met in NOLA and have become good friends. The show was great, and the prints are exquisite. David's work was photographed with an Xpan it lent a sort of epic feeling to the prints. Jakes work were more intimate closer views and the work of both photographers complimented each other very well.

    I met a lot of people at the show and talked the entire time about New Orleans and our situation.

    David and Jake took me on a photographic tour. I was exhausted each night but we saw so much. New Mexico is unlike anything I have ever seen!

    There is simply so much to see, I will have to go back.

    David Bram is one of the kindest people I know. His wife, Amelia, and her famliy, would not hear of me staying in hotel. I spent the entire time with these very fine people, and had a great time.

    Jake Mendel is a great guy and a great photographer. Also met up with fellow apugger Todd Stew. Todd knows New Mexico and its history very well, he is a wonderful person and an amazing photographer.

    I photographed happy scenes in New Mexico, unlike my work here in post Katrina New Orleans. It was such a nice change for me, and a much needed one.

    Its no wonder that all the greats photographed in New Mexico, every where you look, there is a photograph!

    I would like to thank David, Amelia, and Jake for the kindness they have shown me. I feel lucky to have met such genuinely nice people.
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    Nov 13, 2003
    I'm glad you had a good time. The southwest is beautiful, and the people are amazing. It is why I will never leave. Next time head for the four corners area.
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    Oct 20, 2003
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    Just to add a bit, Sam is an incredible person and I consider myself lucky to call him a good friend.

    I think Sam spoke to more people than I did at the opening.

    As for the photographic tour of New Mexico, here is what we did. On Saturday we took the high road to Taos including stops in Chimayo, Truchas, Las Trampas, the Taos Gorge (we told Sam it was just a little hole in the ground about 80 feet deep when it is actually about 600 feet deep), and the Ranchos de Taos Church. Then we came home on the low road and did a few photos in Rinconada where Paul Strand did his work.

    Then on Monday we took Sam to Tent Rocks, which is just south of Santa Fe.

    I was exhausted by the time he left.

    We had a truly wonderful time. He is a very kind and generous person.

    See you soon Sam.
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    Oct 6, 2003
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    So nice to hear about apuggers who can get together for visits. Sam's work has been an insipration for me about Katrina's power and the aftermath.

    David B sent a nearly new spot meter in record time from the classified ads, and the friend here who needed it was so happy to be able to use it in his work. He has finally stopped complaining to me when I say, "Now if you had a spot meter, you would see that the EV range in this scene is..." tim