Just Found Two Old Complete Canon FD Lens Booklets.

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    Dec 16, 2005
    These two booklets were in a box my friend gave me today, i bought from him a old Canon AE-1 about 3 weeks ago and he said there is another Canon box on a shelf in the basement, because it has a date when the camera was bought on 3-5-77.

    The first booklet is small in size=3" H x 6" inches Long, it is printed in 5 different languages, the first one is in Japanese, # 2 is English and what ever the 3 others are, it has 95 pages to it.
    Contents reads=Description of parts, Handling the Lens, Operation, Lens Accessory and then Specifications and boy is it in very small and fine print. How to disconnect the lens, then a few lens have a built in hoods and gives the letters and numbers of the hoods and so forth.

    The second book is 5" H X 6" inches Long and it has 60 pages to it. On the Cover it Reads=Canon Interchangeable Lenses and at the bottom right it reads Canon FD.
    On page 5 it shows all of the FD Lenes, 48 in all. [ Yes, i did Count them ALL. ]Contents has how to select a lens, Fish Eye Lens, Macro Lens, Macrophoto Lens, Tilt and Shift Lens, and it shows 2 Extender #'s and the Canon Lens Table by every FD Lens #'s.

    It list like Angle of View, Magnifaction and Filter size ETC. I would say if you need any information on the Older FD #'s this has it.
    This is in such SMALL PRINT you would have to be 16 years old and have 20-20 Vision or eyes to read it.

    I do not no if anyone out there could use this Information but just in case i thought i would let all of you no.

    If any ones needs some information out of either book, send me by e-mail and let me no what you need or numbers and so forth and i will Scan the page or pages in and send them to you by your e-mail.