Jobo CPP2 questions. Drain, lift, etc

Discussion in 'Darkroom Equipment' started by nbagno, Jan 22, 2014.

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    I really didn't need another Jobo processor. I already have a CPA2 that works great but today spotted a CPP2 on craiglist with a price of "accepting any offers". Since I bought my CPA2 for $50.00 on Craigslist the year before, I started with that and was surprised when she accepted $100.00. After talking with her for awhile I found out it was a neighbors that passed away and they knew she was a photographer so they gave it to her. She also had a B&W enlarger in the box which I didn't bother looking at.

    The CPP-2 does not have a lift, but did come with a 4561 tank (also looks new) and some parts in a bag that were never opened which I think are the print holders. The chemical bottles look new and there are no stains or smells in the bottles which tall me that the machine was never used or the bottles were never used. The whole setup came with the original box and other than a little dust could pass as a new or very low mileage unit.

    • How do I determine if it's an old or new model?
    • Where is the s/n located? I don't see anything on the outside
    • Although it has the inlet valve and overflow drain, it has no bottom drain. My CP-2 has a bottom drain. That's weird. :blink:
    • Can I take the lift off my CPA2 and install it on the CPP2 directly?
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    1. should answer most of your questions about SN -
    2. The label is on the back of the machine by the cold water inlet. If there is no label - read on
    3. The very fisrt CPP/CPA machines did not have drain valves installed, making this an older model (first production run SN: AD/AG 1XXX).
    A drain tap can be easily added ( we have them in stock).
    4. Yes. Don't forget to transfer your main drive cog to replace the magnet.

    Great find!