It's ugly, but I like it (part one)

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    Apr 10, 2008
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    I'd been thinking of grafting a Graflex (or Graflok) back on to one of my 9x12s, but preferably in a reversible way and non-destructively, if possible.

    Ladles and Gentlemans, I present


    1. First, obtain a Graflex Spring Back - they're a fraction of the cost of a Graflok back, I speculate it's because they're old and people don't think they can take thick Polaroid holders, etc. Apart from that, I already have a Graflok on my V2 and I'm not sacrificing that, no way.

    2. The screws need to be longer and a pair of compression springs put in - you'll see why. This idea is not mine, I came across it on photonet. The existing screws are some weird thread and the only ones to hand were 3mm, which necessitated a small tapping exercise.

    3. The finished holes with the screws in place. On final assembly, the screws are low-strength Loctited, in case they work loose, and I might find better springs.

    4. Spring back ready for re-assembly

    5. Next, persuade one of your cameras to give up its back. The Welta had a lovely strong cast and machined aluminium GG holder, and was pressed into service as donor. This was due to the one-piece nature of the frame and locating lips. I certainly don't fancy a bit of wood giving way and dumping a laden spring back on my foot.