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    I just got the entire program for the ICIS '06 meeting in Rochester for May 7 - 11.

    Of interest to APUG members are programs on Monday and Tuesday that will highlight the future of analog photography in the years to come. The keynote presentations will be by Dr. Tadeki Tani of Fuji, plus a host of Kodak engineers discussing new analog products including thermal silver halide systems by Dr Paul Gilman and Vision films by Dr. Drake Michno.

    There is also a session on 3D photography.

    Since this is right after the APUG conference, on your way back home, this may be an incentive to stop by Rochester.

    Included in the program is a tour of RIT and the analog and digital photo facilities there. You can register by the day or for the entire conference.

    See more ata You get a discount if you register before 4/1/06.