Interested in Rittreck 4x5 / 5x7 View?

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    Any interest in Rittreck view cameras?

    I have a few Rittreck 5x7 / 4x5 views in a box, in various states of, well, filth.

    What happens is that the flocking / light seal material that they used on these turns to a lumpy powder that ends up coating the camera.

    I also have two or three new bellows for these cameras, and a source to get more.

    I'd like to restore and sell a few of them.

    I've already restored two of them -- I sold one, am keeping the other. This entailed a thorough cleaning, replacing the flocking / light seal stuff with new, sturdier stuff, and new or cleaned up/verified bellows.

    The only problem I'm running into is that I don't have lensboards for them, but I'm working on making some, or will have some made. I have one, with one of my lenses on it, which I figure I'll use as a template to make duplicates from hardboard.

    All of the cameras have 4x5 backs; I believe I have two or three international backs and at least one standard back. I also have one 5x7 back that I can part with (I'm keeping another one for my own use).

    I like this model of camera much better than the Linhof. They're just as sturdy, if not sturdier, and I really appreciate the real rear swings and rear shift. They're so well made, you just can't kill 'em.

    If there's any interest in one of these, I hope you'll let me know. If I know someone out there is interested, I'll start getting them ready for sale. I figure I can have the first one ready in about two or three days. (Lensboards, I don't know about that kind of speed.)

    You can contact me either via IM here or to my email -- I check email more frequently -- with any questions or if you're interested in one of these.