I'm done with the photo biz!

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    ...the article I wrote, that is.

    In my continuing effort to educate, confuse, confound, obfuscate, offend, and otherwise anger, I have published yet two more questionably beneficial posts for the Techniques section my website. Although general in nature and applicable to most arts, there is a decidedly unapologetic bias towards classical photography and fine art silver printing, as that is the theme of the site. As always, these discusssions are aimed at the less experienced, rather than seasoned professionals. They will remain "live" for as long as I can find topics I've missed, or as updating becomes necessary. In order to view these articles you must first insert one quarter (U.S. coin) between the 'S' and 'D' keys of your keyboard or keypad (tablets), one quarter between the 'M' and '<' keys, and one quarter within your... whoopeee! (see Beggar Buttons).

    Photo Biz covers everything I could think of, for now, regarding recurring questions concerning the business of photography:

    • Editioning
    • Provenance
    • Pricing
    • Warranty
    • Copyrighting
    • Representation
    • Resale (a fable)

    WebMarketing, a substantial subject itself, is intertwined with Photo Biz:

    • Rent–a–Sites
    • Domain Names
    • Rolling–Your–Own Site
    • Favicons
    • Flash
    • Beggar Buttons
    • Video
    • Books
    • Social Media
    • Internationalization
    • Netproofing

    Enjoy, or not.
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    Bookmarked for reference. Thanks!