i don't have free stuff but i want free stuff !

Discussion in '[Classifieds] Free Stuff!' started by jnanian, Nov 30, 2017.

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    Jun 21, 2003
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    i have put this out there before but i will do it again
    if anyone has any tainted tmax 400 120 film they don't want
    because they were sent new film, or any other film they don't want
    because it was ruined by cosmic rays or your power going out and the fridge getting warm
    and your film boxes gettng soggy, or its just old or color and you don't have a lab you want to send your
    old color film to or can't afford to process old color film or you are cleaning your
    stash and realized youhave all this film and just shoot 110 or a disc camera or
    you no longer want or need or use LF or whatever ... feel free to send me an email
    i will be happy to take all your ruined film off your hands
    because it doesn't matter to me how old or fogged or disused, or soggy or tainted or ...
    it might be ... maybe i'll be your best friend for life, or send you a JPG file of what i do with it
    ( if i ever do anything with it, i might just put it all at my feet in my coffin when i die cause i like the
    smell of foul old vinegary film ( im also putting old asprin at my feet when the time comes ) )

    anyways if you have anything i'll take it and if you need to send it from a remote location
    with a fake name so i don't know who you are or where you are sending it from that's ok too...
  2. tezzasmall

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    Dec 29, 2013
    Southend on Sea Essex UK
    Plastic Cameras
    If there is anyone in the UK who has a similar request to this, I too may have some films I will no longer use available...

    Terry S
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