How to install this lens on a shutter?

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    Hi all,

    I found in a closing shop this lens:

    Schneuder-Kreuznach Symmar 1:5,6/240 1:12/420 installed on a Sinar lens board.

    The lens has no shutter, only a diaphragm with two scales on it, from 5,6 to 45 and from 12 to 45.

    I would like to use it, but i need to install it on a shutter!

    the thread of the two elements is 45.7 millimeters, both sides.

    I cannot find any correspondance, it is not a Copal 1 nor a Copal 3...

    Does anybody know what shutter i shall look for, and where to find it?

    Any advice?

    Paolo Schneider lens 2.jpg Schneider lens.jpg Schneider lens 3.jpg
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    Looking at your pictures the lens is in a Sinar DB shutter, which I am not familiar with.


    A Compur 2-X tube 5/I has a 35mm front opening edge to rear opening edge
    A Compur 2-X tube 5/II has a 25mm opening to opening
    and both have a 45.8 mm opening.

    You will probably have to have adapters made to fit the lens to current shutters unless you come across an older shutter that the lens barrels will fit and provide the correct spacing between groups.
    The shutters are CN-1408-012 and CN-1408-013 in this service manual
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    There is currently one listed on Ebay (#400212697245) in a Compur 2 shutter. That's probably what you need. Have a look through this old thread on

    FWIW, I have a convertible 240mm Symmar mounted in a modern Compur 3 shutter. Also currently on Ebay (#181170420857) you'll find one in a Linhof Compur (3?) and another (161058477231) in an electronic Compur 3.