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    Mar 2, 2009
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    Hello, APUG members in the world.
    We a 4 students from a photo school in near Paris. We needed to make a blog project with a small group but we didn't like to do just a photo picture blog.
    As we are all interested in analogical photography and the products we need to do this, we had already collected a lot of product information what still is on the market. But difficult to have a quick look about the product offer.
    At least, we decided to make very large product research about the products you can still find here in France. Since few years, normal shops closed all and the few left they do just propose a very small range of products.
    So, during 3 weeks and 4 friends, we collected all the information’s about the products (films, paper and chemistry) that 8 web shops do propose today. So we listed all the products with indication which shop is selling which products. Nice and very organized listings are done so with just few views, you can see the whole situation about this products in France.
    But there were still something missing for us! What?? The prices!! How is selling which product for how much. So, instead of a simple cross in the listing to shop up in which web shop you can find the product, we put directly the right price. After days of prix research, we started to publish all those information. A long listing about films B/W, another about color, a very big listing about all the papers, and a next one about chemistry.
    Since few days, nearly all students of our school are using it. In time where we all have money problems, to get in just few minutes a regard about the whole photo product market situation without surfing for hours in several different web shop to find your product and then to find out who is selling it at the best price.
    All those information’s are on the blog Dead Link Removed. It’s absolutely non-commercial, we have nothing sell just free and important details about the market situation. And we had even to refuse the offer of 3 mentioned distributors in our listings.
    But we are still open for suggestions how to make the presentation better. We don’t give comments about the product quality and the distributors. Just neutral market details so visitors can save plenty of time to get informed.

    At the moment, there are still few parts offline, but Bat is working on it and it should be ready under 8-10 days.

    We hope that a lot of people can now profit of all our “transpiration”!

    The blog has no chat function so you can't leave a comment. For constructive suggestions, please mail us!

    Matt :smile:
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    Apr 5, 2007
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    Welcome Matt!

    I like `analogical´. Would it be logical to change our group name? I guess so...

    I just looked at your site. From one point of view hinting at a few national webshops is a very practical approach, but the same time a lot of interesting products are missing. I'm even puzzled that none of the shops has even got C-41 chemistry.
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