Hasselblad auxiliary shutter blinds

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    I've been experiencing some issues with undeveloped specks on my negatives. I am now considering that it is due to specks of something getting on my negative. I have a Hasselblad 500 c/m and I notice that the "foam" backing on the blinds of the auxiliary shutter appear worn. When I touch it with my finger, black rubs off on my skin. I am wondering if when the auxiliary shutter closes, some of this deteriorating foam is getting stuck on my negatives. Does this sound possible?

    If I want to replace this foam, what would I do? I am not even sure of the function of it since it is just on the back of the blinds. They look worn, cracked and some of it comes off easily.

    I am very frustrated since a roll I just developed has clear specks on them, and will print black. I don't think it is my development. Thanks for any advice.
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    You are correct in your diagnosis doctor.
    It works as an additional light seal.
    Pm me your address and I'll send you a piece.
    The old seal has to come off and I always use Acetone and a Q-tip, I'm pretty sure the new material has an adhesive backing(have to find it) if not contact cement applied to ONE surface ONLY works.
    Measure the area before yo remove it so you get an accurate size.
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    I have a 500c/m body that is losing the "flocking" on the barn doors also.
    There is "flocking" on the inside of the mirror box also.
    So far the only issues I've noticed is some specks on the focussing screen that requires frequent blowing out of the mirror box.

    I believe hasselblad changed to a different flocking in newer 500 c/m's
    I have one from the 70's that has this issue and one from the mid 80's that seems okay so far.

    If it is really making a mess in there I'd consult a tech. I think I asked once but it was awhile ago and cant remember what the solution was. Sorry.

    I did see someone on this site that mentioned a home remedy ( sealing with some type spray??)

    Maybe they will comment.