Hasselblad and Optical Manufacturing Supplies

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    This isn't my sale, I have no connection to it what so ever. I simply want to let others who may be interested in these items know about the sale (The title of this thread looks to fit that).

    These are for sale through the Government of Canada surplus system. You have to be able to pick up the items in the city they are listed (no shipping). They are closed bidding (so you set your price and have no idea what others are bidding).

    First item is a Hasselblad 500CM with what looks like a 120 roll back, and an 80mm F1.8 lens. Located in Halifax (technically Dartmouth), min bid is $50.

    Optical supplies used in lens manufacturing. This is located in Ottawa, I know not a damned thing about lens manufacturing, but I figure there are probably a few nut balls on this forum who would find this stuff useful.