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    Has anyone had any experience using the Haoda electronic Contax Zeiss lens adapter to EOS bodies?

    I would like to hear all the comments any users may have on the field use of the adapter or any other brand you may have used.

    I am aware that N series Zeiss lenses can be converted for full use on EOS as well but that is a pricey conversion.

    Would like to have access to a body such as EOS or Nikon F3 or 4 that can be adapted to use existing Zeiss inventory and also be able to utilize some specialty optics from either Canon or Nikon.

    Has anyone used Grimes for fabrication of an adapter to EOS or Nikon with your Zeiss lenses.

    I think the Contax EOS compatibility potential is a BIG plus at it's face value but want feedback from anyone that has gone down this path.