Gowland “Pocket View” 4X5 camera

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    This is a Gowland “Pocket View” lightweight 4X5 camera with front movements and a fixed style back. It is shown with a Schneider G-Claron 150mm f/9 lens in a Copal 0 press shutter. It has the extension rail and the wrench included.

    The entire rig as you see it, camera, lens and shutter only weigh 2.8 Lb. and pack away to the size of a few film holders. Excellent for hiking or if one needs a minimalist setup in large format.
    The camera is in excellent original condition with a light tight, supple bellows and smooth adjustments. The ground glass is clean and unmarked.

    The lens is in good condition but shows “Schneideritis” in both cells. Optically it is an outstanding performer at f/11 and has jaw-dropping macro characteristics at 1:1 while still being very sharp at infinity. The shutter sounds right and has made correct exposures. The lens in shutter is supplied with Schneider caps and was originally purchased from Jim Galli.

    The camera is $300 and the lens is $135 (Jim’s original price) or $400 as a package. The lens board (size 0) goes with the camera. The lens boards are very easy to fabricate being plain flat aluminum.

    Payment by PayPal or USPS money order accepted, price includes PayPal fee (if any) and USPS Priority shipping in the CONUS. Overseas shipping is by USPS Global Priority only, and at additional cost.
    Please feel free to make offers or propose trades. I will cheerfully ignore ludicrous low balls and offers to trade for non-photographic items or something I already have.

    Preferred contact is by PM.

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