Gaf Lustrex Y2 double weight contact paper

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    Feb 8, 2007
    4x5 Format
    Any info on Lustrex?

    I picked this (1000 5x7) up on Rochester Craigslist yesterday -perhaps I was in battle with someone here for it? ha
    Tried a quick print at about 2am after a movie and don't know what to think, really. It's a contact paper that may or may not be the same paper as Agfa? Lupex ..I read "Gaf" sold same products but with slightly different names etc? Shipping box seems to have a date of 3/1967.

    Anyway, box says
    very warm, natural white, silk-like surface well suited to portraits/group photos etc

    Contact printed a rather "normal" neg that took 4 seconds at F5.6 on MG paper and ended up with a time of right around 115 seconds. I estimate the paper speed to be somewhere in the 20-50 range.
    Minimal if any fog at all. At 8 minutes in Dektol 1:3 -no anti-fog- I started to see what may be fog but very, very minimal. Nothing really there. Development took longer than expected .. done at around 6 minutes. I didn't get a warm tone with dektol but perhaps a warmer/brown neutral.

    The silk surface is different. Might be good for snow scenes as it gives a specular highlight -my description of it. Pretty high sheen.
    The surface reminds me very much of a stiff, vinyl backpack or those hologram/phic baseball cards so popular during the 80's ..but not so much silk. The sheen is silk-like.

    I dunno.

    Anyone want to trade another contact paper or something nice to try this stuff out? I'm not really looking for a trade but since I have 10 100 sheet boxes I figured someone may want to try a box or two. If so, let me know what you have. Not anything FUBAR