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    Jan 16, 2011
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    Fuji G617, in need of a replacement shutter. The back element has a scratch, which if positioned properly, may not effect image quality (the Fuji 105mm lens is capable of 5x7). I took it half way apart and couldn't get the screws out of the front plate, so I put it all back together. The leatherette is off on the front. Comes with all parts, broken shutter, front element, and case. The infinity adjustment (turn the glass plate inside the camera behind the lens) will need to be set as well.

    $600 shipped and paypaled in the us. I will ship overseas, ask for shipping price. Paypal Only.

    I have a Copal 0 shutter I'd be happy to sell with the camera for an extra $120, you will have to extend the back of the trigger on the shutter for it to work or use a shutter release.

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