fx-1 and efke/adox 100

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    I have a small batch of fx-1 that I would like to use with adox 100. However, I can't find any starting times for it,either at MDC, unblinkingeye,here, or J&C. Does anyone have any idea or has anyone used this combo before?

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    Sep 7, 2002
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    A small batch. That's easy to do with a formula
    of 0.5, 5, 3, grams metol, S. sulfite, and S. carbonate.
    I'd be making up twice that much as a 1 gram amount
    is the least amount I weigh on my Acculab
    0.01 resolution scale.

    This is a suggestion not a recommendation. Fill the
    tank with one half liter working strength and give three
    inversions and repeat at one minute. There after two
    inversions every two minutes. Allow twelve minutes.

    Any adjustments can be made on a second roll. My
    experience with other films in FX-1 and Beutler's, IIRC,
    has shown that a reduction in time will be needed. Adox,
    though, is an old emulsion film so?

    BTW, a PM I've had in mind to send deals with the
    "small batch" and that lith developer you'd like to brew.
    I've the impression from others and their posts that
    the only batch is a full batch. Dan