Fuji Hunt Xpress RA4 versus Tetenal Colortec RA4

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    I've used Tetenal Colortec RA4 kits in the past for colour printing on Fuji Crystal Archive paper with mixed results. The initial prints seem good enough but soon a slightly yellowish cast develops and a brown stain occurs on the edge of the print where I attach the clip (I'm using a Nova slot processor). So I thought I would experiment and try the Fuji Hunt kit. In comparison, I have to say that I much prefer the Fuji kit. The colours are bright and crisp, the prints have plenty of sparkle and I've not had any problems with staining - the print borders are a brilliant white. I've also noticed that the Fuji blix is much less viscous (perhaps this is due in part to processing at 35C rather than 20C for Tetenal) - it washed off the paper very quickly. I don't use a stop bath (I asked about this in another thread). The Fuji instructions do not say to use one for 'tray' (or slot) processing. It's very quick to do a print - 45s for dev and 45s for blix. The other thing I've found is that I could never really get a bright 'Post Office' red with the Tetenal whereas I can with the Fuji.

    Here are a couple of examples. The first is shot on Fuji Pro 160C in late afternoon light and the second is on Kodak Portra 160 in midday sun. I can't really tell the difference between the two films.

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    I agree with your findings about Xpress.
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    Edward, Why dont you try and experiment, and after mixing new chems try a water rinse after dev
    at the same temp as your chems.Then allso try a water pre soak before starting the dev.
    Good luck , John