Fuji Acros and Neopan 400

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    Oct 12, 2004
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    I am cheered by the latest news out of Ilford that their films will continue to be available.

    However, I have been experimenting with Fuji Acros and Neopan 400 as possible replacements for the Ilford Delta films which I have used exclusively for quite a few years.

    My initial experiments have impressed me.

    I've established the ISO for my equipment and development at 50 for Acros and 200 for Neopan.


    For Acros:

    1 tsp. carbonate (washing soda)
    1/2 tsp. Vitamin C powder
    4 ml 1% Phenidone solution (dissolved in 90% alcohol)
    l liter water at 70 Fahrenheit
    7 minutes 15 seconds.

    For Neopan:
    Same developer except substitute 1 tsp. Kodalk (metaborate) for the carbonate.
    6 minutes 30 seconds at 70 Fahrenheit

    Your times/ISO may vary from mine, but this will be close. If you prefer to use metaborate instead of carbonate for both films, the ACROS time will increase to 10 minutes, but with equally good results.

    I was very impressed with the long tonal scale and extremely fine grain in the Neopan. Enlarging a 6X7 neg to an 8X10 print, I could barely see the grain on my 25X Scoponet grain focuser. As fine or finer than Delta 400.

    The Acros is even finer and has wonderful creamy highlights, great blacks, and long scale. The prints literally glow.

    I need to shoot more with it to decide whether I really prefer it over the Delta films which I've used so long and know so well.