FS: Nikon F2 body, Nikon DW-1 wlf, Nikkor 50mm f2, Nikkor Af-70-210

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    Apr 1, 2006
    Hi Everybody.

    I'm cleaning out the closet.

    First of there's a very weird Nikon F2 body (got it in a package deal). This camera was modified so that the advance lever sticks out permanently as shown in the photos. I'm guessing it was used at a science lab or something like that? A hole has been drilled in the plastic tap of the advance lever. I don't know why? It's missing the locking lever to open the camera back. Amazingly all the shutter speeds work fine (1 second is a little too fast but the other speeds seem fine) and the camera focuses great. Cosmetic condition is also quite nice. A nikon grid screen is included.

    I don't know if somebody could use this maybe for parts? or as a party piece?

    I'm selling it for 40 euros plus shipping.

    I'm also selling a Nikon DW-1. It works great and is in fine cosmetic condition. Only slight issue is that the tap to pop up the magnifier prefers being pushed on the left side and not the right side. If you push it on the right side sometimes the magfinier doesn't pop up immediately and you have to slightly close the finder to make it pop up. It's not easy to describe but generally it's a non issue.

    I'm asking 35 euros plus shipping for this.

    Then I'm selling a very nice Nikkor 50mm f2 ai lens. This lens is in superb condition. Glass is great, focus is smooth, aperture is clean and snappy and cosmetically it's very nice as well.

    I'm asking 60 euros plus shipping for this.

    Last but not least I'm selling a Nikkor 70-210 af lens. Cosmetically it's in fine condition. The glass has some marks front and back but nothing that would seriously affect it's performance other than that it works great.

    I'm asking 50 euros plus shipping for this lens.

    I live in Denmark but ship worldwide. I take paypal only!

    Pictures of everything are here: