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    I am selling some of my photographic books. If you want more information or photographs of a book just send me a Private Message with your e-mail address and I will fill your request via email.

    My book is available:
    Shanebrook, Making KODAK Film, The Illustrated Story of State-of-the Art Photographic Film Manufacturing Advertised on APUG. see: www.MakingKodakFilm.com

    KODAK Darkroom Dataguide for B&W 4th edition 1970 $5. Excellent condition Chock full of data. Table of contents is attached. Also includes a nice 18% gray card.

    KODAK COLOR DATAGUIDE 1968 $5 Excellent Gray card and useful calculators for , viewing filters. .

    KODAK Professional Photoguide R28 1979 $8 Excellent. This is a very useful book for exposing info. It includes: exposure meter info, metering guidence, Light ratio guidence, Artificial Light info, Gray scale table, Gray card, gray scale, color patches, existing light exposure calculator, color balance calculator, contrast control using filters for b&W, flash calculator, fill-in flash guidence, perscpective, slose-up charts, depth of field calculator, close-up exposure dial, optical formula dial, conversion tables

    KODAK Color Photography Outdoors 1973 Databook. $4
    58 page book that is an excellent guide. The same principles apply today as when it was published.
    Natural Outdoor Lighting
    Controlling Lighting Contrast
    Scenic Photography
    Illustrative Photography
    Store Windows

    KODAK Color As Seen and Photographed 1966 $4
    This is the fundemental guide to understanding color photography. It covers the principles including perception, negative masking, color blindness, dyes, color metric systems. 70 pages of information that will help the photographer.

    KODAK CAMERA TECHNIQUE for Professional Photographers $10 64 pages
    Teaching book for view camera technique. This same book was sold for decades. The techniques for using view cameras has been the same for 100 years so updates aren’t much different from the earlier books.

    KODAK LENSES: 1946 60 pages. $4
    This was part of a The book contains information on the lenses and shutters from just after WWII. Data include depth of field as various distances and f numbers, flang sizes, shutter info etc.

    Handbook of KODAK Photographic Filters 4/1990 $8
    Cover price $14.95. 162 pages.

    50 Jahre moderne Farbfotografie, 1936-1986 (German Edition) [Jan 01, 1986]
    New $50

    Advanced Photography [Jun 01, 1980] Langford , Michael
    Used - Very Good $10

    American Icons [Paperback] [May 15, 2003] Gottlieb, Steve
    Used - Like New $15

    Bibliography of photographic processes in use before 1880: Their materials, processing, and conservation [Jan 01, 1980] Barger, M. Susan
    Used - Very Good

    Celebrating the Negative [Oct 26, 1994] Loengard, John
    New $100

    Chemical Reaction of the of the Photographic Latent Image Volume I (Monographs on the Theory of Photography from the Kodak Research Laboratories, No. 6) [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1927] E. R. Bullock
    Used - Very Good $40

    China: The long march [Unknown Binding] [Jan 01, 1986] Lawrence, Anthony
    Used - Like New $15

    Color in Business, Science and Industry [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1963] Judd, D B and Wyszecki, G
    Used - Very Good $ 13

    Colour Photography in Practice (The Focal library) [Oct 01, 1966] Spencer, D.A.; Mannheim, L.A. and Hanworth, 2nd Viscount
    Used - Very Good $18

    Conservation of Photographs (Kodak Publication) [Jan 01, 1995] Eastman Kodak Company and Eaton, George T.
    Used - Good $15

    Copying and Duplicating: In Black-And-White and Color/Pbn M-1 (Kodak publication) [Paperback] [May 01, 1985] Young, W. Arthur
    Used - Like New $20

    Creative Photography: Aesthetic Trends 1839-1960 [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1962] Gernsheim, Helmut
    Collectible - Very Good $35

    Curious Moments [Feb 01, 2008] Hendrik Neubauer
    Used - Like New $10

    Fun with Sun Prints and Box Cameras: Creative Photography, with and without a Camera [Apr 12, 1981] Roberts, Howard R.
    Used - Very Good $10

    George Eastman: A Biography [Apr 12, 1996] Brayer, Elizabeth
    Collectible signed by Author - Like New $49

    History of Color Photography, by Joseph S. Friedman, PH. D. [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1945] JOSEPH SOLOMON (1899-) FRIEDMAN
    Used - Very Good $100

    John Carbutt on the Frontiers of Photography [Jun 01, 1985] Brey, William
    Used - Very Good $50

    KODAK Pocket Photoguide, 4th Edition [Apr 01, 2001] Kodak
    New $5

    Leica: The First Fifty Years [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1977] Rogliatti, G.
    Used – Acceptable, tape on cover $15

    Making a photograph Adams, Ansel, : An introduction to photography (How to do it series) [Jan 01, 1948]
    Used - Very Good $100

    McKeown's Price Guide to Antique & Classic Cameras 1995-96 (Price Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras) [Hardcover] [Jun 03, 1994] James M. McKeown & Joan C. McKeown
    Collectible - Like New $50

    Memoirs of a photochemist [Jan 01, 1960] Wentzel, Fritz
    Used - Like New $45

    Mountain Light: In Search of the Dynamic Landscape [Sep 12, 1986] Rowell, Galen
    Collectible inscribed and signed by Galen - Like New $100

    Photo CD Companion (Includes CD) [Spiral-bound] [Jan 01, 1997] Robert P Locke
    New $20

    Photographic Emulsion Chemistry [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1966] Duffin, G. F
    Used - Very Good $50

    Photographic Materials and Processes [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1986] Stroebel, Leslie; Compton, John; Current, Ira; Zakia, Richard and Photographs and Diagrams
    Used - Like New $25

    Photography's great inventors, [Jan 01, 1965] Sipley, Louis Walton
    Used – Good $50

    Photography, Its Principles and Practice [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1942] Neblette, C. B.
    Used – Acceptable $10

    Photography: Adapted from the Life Library of Photography [ILLUSTRATED] [May 31, 1989] Barbara London Upton and John Upton $10

    Self-portrait, U.S.A [Jan 01, 1969] Duncan, David Douglas
    Used - Very Good $10

    South Southeast [Hardcover] [Aug 29, 2000] McCurry, Steve
    Collectible Signed by Steve - Like New $100

    Stereoviews Illustrated: Fifty Early American [Jun 01, 1994] Norton, Russell
    Used - Very Good $35

    The Camera From The 11th Century To The Present Day [Paperback] [Jan 01, 1990] John Wade
    New $12

    The History of Photography, Volume II: The Rise of Photography, 1850-1880: The Age of Collodion. [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1987]
    Used - Very Good $45

    The Official Photo Cd Handbook: A Verbum Interactive Guide [May 01, 1995] Gosney, Michael
    Used - Like New $5

    The School of Printing: Rochester Institute of Technology [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1987] Lawson, Alexander
    Used - Like New $15

    The Story of Photography: From Its Beginnings to the Present Day [Jun 01, 1980] Langford, Michael John
    Used - Like New $50

    The history of three-color photography, [Jan 01, 1925] Wall, E. J
    Used - Very Good $275

    FOTOGRAFISK HANDBOOK by Helmer BÄCKSTRÖM in Bokforlaget Natur och Kulture, in Swedish, 1942 $20
    This is volume one of a two volune set. Volume one has 610 pages.
    Interior is in very good condition. No writing or other interior marks except typical markings from a corporate library inside front cover and on title page. Binding is tight. Covering on spline loose on one side.

    1942 Fotografisk handbok, Två band, 1206 sidor, Stockholm

    Nine Sections (listed below in English) , each has several chapters (Kap). Volume One contains 70 chapters
    History 49 pages
    Optics 170 pages
    Negative Material 70 pages
    Tonal Range and Filters 106 pages
    Darkroom and Laboratory 36 pages
    Negative developing and fixing 60 pages
    Negative finishing 28 pages
    Positives 80 pages
    Paper 40 pages

    There are 650 illustrations in black-and-white and color

    T Max Sterling Silver Pin reduced price $10 TMax pin, Sterling Silver ,This pin was made in Europe for the introduction of Tmax films. It is clearly marked sterling. Because of the cost very few of these were ever made.

    I am happy to sell items on APUG and I make a contribution to APUG.

    To make this work please:

    To buy send me a private message (PM) with your email address for use in communicating; I will provide my email address via PM.

    If you use PayPal I will ship to the address PayPal provides.

    Books to US adresses are via MEDIA MAIL, I can ship outside US. For shipping I will charge you what the USPS charges me.
    When you pay tell me what you are buying!

    Feedback from a sale I made on APUG:

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    Making KODAK Film, do I get that from you?

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    I bought the Making Kodak Film book soon after it came out, and it is a magnificently done explanation of how film is made.
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    The Making Kodak Film book is a interesting insight on the production of film. Bob does a good job of explaining a very technical subject. I have bought a number of books and Nikon gear from Bob and he is a excellent person to do business with.

    Thank You Robert

    John Gauvin
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    I have had the pleasure of picking up a few books from Bob over the past few months and they have always been in wonderful condition. Thanks to him I am slowly teaching myself a little of the theory of photography, its' history, and some terrific information specific to Kodak. I would buy some more but I already have my winter reading itinerary pretty well mapped out.