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    FS: Linhof Technikardan 45 kit. Linhof’s rugged combination of a studio rail camera’s precise controls with a field camera’s compact light weight. The Camera without lens weighs 6.6 pounds. This has been an excellent kit for my needs, but I have moved to 8x10 and 7x17, leaving this gear unused in the closet. Everything is in used but very good condition. This has been a hobby kit in my retirement. I take very good care of my toys. Any questions are more than welcome. Please PM.

    Seller references: jp80874 on APUG (2090+ posts) and eBay (836 -100%). John Powers on the Large Format Forum (370+ posts).

    Linhof Technikardan 45 camera serial# 0851129
    Standard bellows replacement made by Camera Bellows
    Wide Angle bag bellows and rigid plastic storage box
    Both bellows are light tight, supple and in very good condition.
    Folding focusing hood 45 001612
    Right angle reflex attachment 45 002628
    Tele/macro bracket for TK 45 002741 adding rigidity at full extension
    Bosscreen 1-1 ½ stops brighter than standard ground glass
    Standard Linhof ground glass. This has small Sharpy marks for the area covered by a 6x7cm roll film back that I used on the camera before I could develop 4x5 film.
    Harrison 4x5 Dark Cloth, silver on one side, black on the other. This is clean and undamaged.
    Copy Linhof operator’s manual for TK45S which covers all aspects of this camera.
    The complete kit as described, US$1795.00 plus actual shipping from zip 44210 USA.

    The camera body is in very good condition, showing normal usage. There is a triangular scratch, ½” to a side, on the left front standard that you can see in one of the pictures. There are a few other minor scratches on the aluminum. All knobs and controls are in place and working smoothly. All four spirit-bubble levels are working. The standard bellows is supple and light-tight, providing approximately 19" (485MM) of extension. Included is a Linhof tele/macro-focusing rail for full extension and a bag bellows for wide angle lenses. There is enough bellows draw for my 450mm Nikon f9 M, but that is not offered as it is being used on the larger formats.

    A fairly common problem with the Tecknikardan design is that users do not carefully follow the folding instructions when closing the camera. Many standard bellows develop folds, tears and then light leaks. I bought the camera with a damaged bellows and had Camera Bellows of England build a new bellows for £110 (approx $200 Nov. 2003). To avoid these problems Camera Bellows suggested I remove the bellows by turning four levers and store the bellows safely. One picture shows four levers turned and bellows free. I keep the bellows I am not using in a hard plastic box for protection.

    The Tele/macro bracket makes the whole rig very rigid even at full extension using two 3/8” bolts and the tripod head’s 3/8” screw (three connections) to fasten to the tripod head. I simply mount the bracket on the Gitzo tripod head leaving the camera set up ready to work.

    Here is a link to Linhof’s page on the current model camera with specs. http://www.linhof.de/technikardan_e.html . Mine is the generation before (TK45, no S), but much is the same. Note that at the bottom center of the page there is a link to a pdf with additional details.

    I have enjoyed and taken care of this gear. If you feel it is not as described, send it back within five days of receipt, in the condition it was when it left me and I will refund your purchase price. Shipping and insurance costs are your responsibility.

    Tripod, tripod head, lensboards and lenses not included in this price.

    Thanks for looking. Please ask any questions you may have.

    John Powers jp80874
    3% to Apug

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