FS: Kiev III from 1951 with 1951 jupiter 8. Very very rare!

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    Apr 1, 2006
    Hi Everybody.

    I'm cleaning out the closet.

    I bought this camera two years ago from cupog on ebay.

    He CLA'd it so it's working great with one caveat. There's a weak spring somewhere in the release mechanism which means that when the camera has sat idle for half a day or longer there's a delay when you trip the shutter the first time. After tripping the shutter the first time the camera works normal. This problem can be solved however by either changing shutter speeds when the camera has sat idle or leaving the camera uncocked. If this is done the camera works as intended.
    This problem has never bothered me the least since I just quickly changed the shutter speeds once (from say 1/50 to 1/1250 and back again) when the camera had sat idle for longer periods of time. I've shot quite a lot of film through this and it's a truly great camera.

    The lens is simply superb. It is very sharp and gives a beautiful look to the pictures. It has the usual amount of slight cleaning marks because of it's soft coating but nothing that will affect performance.

    The camera operates very smoothly and quietly. The meter is of course dead.

    For more pictures of the camera look here (the yellow filter shown in some of the pictues is not included):


    This camera is very very rare since it's a preproduction kiev III. It was made in 1951 and official production only began in 1953. It is almost certain that it has Zeiss parts in it.

    I'm asking what I have in it. which is 85 euros plus shipping.

    I live in Denmark but ship worldwide. I take paypal only.

    kiev iii.jpg