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    In line with my earlier post, I also have re-covering kits for the Contax RTS I. They're $8.10 shipped to you, and they're black. I think these were all cut from composite leather...and if you're unfamiliar with that product it is a mix of reclaimed leather, vinyl and binders. It is backed with fabric and self-adhesive and then a grain is imprinted on it. It is the proper thickness for your camera and the grain pattern is very nice.

    $8.10 total. Act fast. I don't have that many and they may not last long. Or my wife may catch me selling them for this price and bonk me in the head with a rock.

    PayPal ok for international buyers, but mail-in payment for people in the USA please.


    image of the Contax 139 kit is shown below.

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