FS: B&L Protar VII in Volute: 16 1/8" + 16 1/8" cells = 9 1/4" FL

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    Here's a cult lens that I've had hanging around for years. It's a project, as the Volute shutter doesn't work and there's some balsam separation on both cells. Both these conditions can be rectified, but I'm never going to get around to it. It's a task for someone else to bring this classic back to mint condition. Usable now, of course, but without aperture control. If you've already got a functional Protar VII, grab this and start swapping cells.

    These are two Patent 1895 B&L Protar VII cells, both marked 16 1/8" Focal Length, and with nearly sequential serial numbers. When used together, they produce a lens of 9 1/4" FL. The non-functional Volute shutter has two scales, marked 16 1/8" and 9 1/4".

    Both cells are in good condition - no scratches, fungus, chips, etc. The shutter's mounted on a cheapo-quickie 6x6 Masonite board that I apparently never bothered to paint black. This would fit a Deardorff.

    I can't remember ever using this lens, so I can't comment on coverage. The 1904 B&L catalog shows them covering 6 1/2" x 8 1/2" combined. Each cell used singly will certainly cover much more.

    Beats me what these are worth. They sold for $125 in 1904. I'd hope they have appreciated

    $230 + shipping. Paypal OK.


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