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Jun 9, 2009
Multi Format
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Sep 28, 2004
Sonora, California
This is a further attempt to sell some more of my 'GAS induced items' mainly lenses...............

These are what I would call 'target prices' so please don't hesitate to make me any reasonable offer(s), anything and everything all considered. All prices are ex-shipping but I will certainly do 'shipping deals' particularly for our friends situate in 'Conus' who are well aware of the expense in buying from Europe. Owing to the large number, on the whole, there are no photos attached - the prices for those already listed appear as part of that item:

1) 11" f3.8 J Fallowfield brass Petzval c/w flange

Please see separate listing;
2) A fairly rare 15 3/4" Ilex Soft Focus Series A Anastigmat c/w very good lens cap but no flange
Please see separate listing;
3) 7" f3.4 Aldis Anastigmat (sunken mount) c/w flange
Please see separate listing;
4) 16" f12 Swift & Son brass Landscape Achromat/Meniscus
No flange no dings; very good brass; nicely bright and defect free glass; and the aperture is currently a little stiff. Note this is a small and not a large lens. This is not a fast lens but a long lens for portraits, something a little different - £140;
5) '9 x 7' CC Vevers Perescopic brass Rectilinear c/w flange, lens hood but no lens cap
Nicely used; bright glass, scratch to rear element; slight signs of past cleaning; no dings; and slot cut for w/s stops but none available - £70;
6) 6 1/4" f3.8 Ross brass 'for CDV' Petzval lens c/w flange
The lens projects a very bright sharp central image on the gg; with spotted original lacquer to barrel, light dents to front of hood, rack & pinion focus smooth in operation; the glass is clean and clear, fine scratches to rear element; and there is a scratch at the edge of rear surface to the front element. The lens is in fine condition and will only cover 4 x 5 and as the title suggests this was designed for 'CDV' use - £300;
7) 5" f4 Ross (AM) WA Xpres c/w flange and wooden lens board
Bright glass but with a little separation; the usual black painted barrel and with a working aperture - £55;
8) 5" f6.3 Ross Homocentric c/w flange
Bright glass but signs of possible cleaning; no dings; clean body/barrel and c/w pump/piston action 'Automat' shutter with only 'T' working - £49;
9) 8" f8 Walls & Fraser (Edinburgh) brass RR
A compact attractive lens c/w original hood but no flange; a few slight dings; aperture works smoothly; the glass is bright; and there are some signs of the usual past cleaning - £45;
10) 8" (est) f8 Thornton-Pickard 'Amber 7 x 5 RR' c/w flange and original mahogany lens board
Nice condition too; very very good bright defect free glass, with no signs of cleaning; great brass, no dings; and with a fully working iris - £59;
11) 210mm f4.5 Cooke Aviar Anastigmat
Painted black and the paint is in a very good condition; aperture works as it should; no dings; no flange; and the glass appears to be defect free but could do with a decent clean - £70;
12) Jules Vogel (Philly) brass Triple Achromat
Unusual/uncommon; original case; no flange, no dings; focal length not stated; and very clear and bright defect free glass - £350;
13) 210mm f5 Goerz Berlin Celor
c/w bright defect free glass; no dings etc; no aperture i.e. fully open @ f5; sunken mount design and no flange. This lens was designed for portrait use and would be fine for 4 x 5 use and I doubt that it will cover 10 x 8 - £85;
14) 360mm Goerz Berlin brass Celor - easily covers 11 x 14 c/w flange
The lens can be seen in the separate listing;
15) 210mm f6.8 Pilkington Perkin Elmer
Uncommon; no flange; painted black; very respectable condition, no dings, glass very bright and clear, without defects and no signs of past cleaning; and the aperture works very well too. I understand that this is a sharp lens and that it covers 10 x 8 - £119;
16) 8" (approx) f8 Wm Hume (Edinburgh) brass'7 x 7' Iris Rect lens
Very attractive despite a large ding to the front element; bright clear glass, no signs of past cleaning, just dust; fully working aperture; and no flange - £69;
17) 13/14" French f6 brass Anastigmat, no flange but c/w a very good maroon lens cap
The lens can be seen in the separate listing;
18) 8" (approx) f8 Rapide Rectilinear brass Anastigmat c/w flange
Very respectable attractive lens; nicely bright glass, just a hint of past cleaning; a couple of slight/small dings; and with a smooth opening and closing iris - £65;
19) 8/9" (approx) brass RR/Aplanat c/w original flange
Respectable lens, with cut slot for w/s (none available); no dings; good clean brass; and the glass should with a clean be in a very decent clear state - £60;
20) f8 RR
Set in a non-working Wollensak shutter with 'T' only working, no flange/retaining ring; and bright glass with no apparent defects but slight signs of past cleaning - £40;
21) 8" f3.8 brass Petzval (Magic Lantern design)
No flange; bright clear defect glass just needing a little clean; do dings; and with working 'rack and pinion'; and should cover 5 x 7, possibly even 10 x 8 - £145;
22) 5" f3.1 Wm Hume brass Petzval + original flange
Although marked 'Enlarging Objective', this works just as well as a taking lens; rack and pinion missing; nicely used dark weathered brass; no dings; bright glass and no signs of any defects. Lens should easily cover 4 x 5 - £145;
23) 288mm f7.2 O Simon Dresden brass Anastigmat + non-original flange and rectangular mahogany lens board
Very good lens; clear and bright glass, no defects at all, properly moving iris; no dings; and very good brass too, lens will easily cover 4 x 5 and probably also 10 x 8 - £225;
24) 6.5" f4.5 sunken mount Cooke brass Triplet lens marked for '5 x 4'
Most of these seem to have been painted black but this one is in attractive brass; no working blades and no flange; no dings; and there's a mark that looks as though it's fungus in the front element but I've often previously found that this isn't the case and this can easily be removed' otherwise the glass is nicely bright - £95;
25) 5" (est) f3.35 brass Petzval
Very good too; very bright fully defect free glass; rack & p working well; no flange; no dings; very attractive brass; w/s cut but no stops; and all in all a very good small lens for formats to 4 x 5 - £300;
26) 5" (est) f3.175 brass Petzval
Not as good as the above but still very respectable; rack &p working very well; no dings; very attractive brass; and although there is some dust it's clear that the glass is free of all defects, again suitable up to 4 x 5 - £249;
27) 90mm f4.5 Nikkor W
In an outstanding condition, easily covers 4 x 5 and up to 5 x 7 - £400;
28) 12cm f4.5 CZJ Tessar
A larger lens than usual; ding free; retaining ring; overall nicely clean + similar glass; and fully working and accurate Compur shutter. For 4 x 5 - £65;
29) 135mm f5.6 Fujinon-W (for 5 x 7)
Great condition compact lens c/w both lens caps and retaining ring; fully working and accurate Seiko shutter; and glass is very good, no defects and minimal signs of past cleaning - £155;
30) 15cm f4.5 CZJ Tessar
Ding free; retaining ring; bright glass which needs a clean; and working Compur shutter but inconsistent speeds Easily covers 4 x 5 - £54;
31) 16.5cm f4.5 CZJ Tessar
No retaining ring; again inconsistent Compur shutter; ding free; and nicely bright glass. Also easily covers 4 x 5 - £65;
32) 180mm f5.6 Nikkor-W
c/w retaining ring and original front lens cap; very clean indeed, great glass and fully accurate and working Copal 1 shutter. Formats to 5 x 7 but unlikely to cover 10 x 8 - £425;
33) 210mm f5.6 Schneider Symmar-S - '125th Anniversary lens'
A 1980 produced lens re founder Jos Schneider. The front element is 'gold plated' and c/w retaining ring and original lens caps; no "schneideritis" at all; fully working and accurate Copal shutter; and terrific bright defect free glass. Numbered 118, this is as far as I know, a very rare lens, covers 10 x 8 - £495; and
34) 210mm f6.1 Schneider Xenar
Really good condition compact lens c/w both original lens caps and retaining ring; fully working and accurate Copal 1 shutter; and glass is bright and clear, no defects, no signs of past cleaning and no "schneideritis" either. Very good condition; black paint, no dings; fully working aperture; and with very bright defect free glass too. 4 x 5 easily covered but not 10 x 8 - £200



I've taken the liberty to copy and paste what is posted over at the Large Format Photo Forum. If this is offensive, please just report my post and have the mods remove it. I apologize in advance.

andrew plume

Jul 13, 2006
Multi Format
Hi Brad

Very many thanks and the complete opposite of being offensive

best regards

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