Font mounting a Packard Shutter

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    If you have a Packard shutter and aren't sure how to mount it, here's one way...

    The customer had a nice 3-1/2" number 6 Packard which he wanted to use on his 335mm and 500mm Wollaston lenses.
    Both lenses have 88mm diameter barrels, so I made and mounted an 89mm I.D. collar on a shutter baseplate.
    A textured rubber belt under the nylon screws gives a secure grip without marking the lens barrel.
    The timing pin can be inserted from either the front or back of the shutter.

    This whole assembly is simpler and lighter than an add-on behind-the-lens "box" method.
    A lensboard "shutter box" would place the lens forward of the front standards pivot points.
    This in turn disturbs the effects of the swing and tilt movements on the ground glass.

    If you have an old Packard with beat-up blades, Reno says to send it to him...
    He'll clean it up, replace the blades and give it a new paint job.


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    Looks nice and clean. It beats my box method in that it is much easier to change aperture cards. The down side is that I use my Packard with a couple of lenses with widely different diameters. That could complicate things. Oddly enough, my Packard (a dual piston #8) came with a pin in the box, but no place on the shutter housing to insert the pin. I'm not quite sure what to make of that.
    Anyway, great work, Reinhold!