Follow Up Process After an Exchange Due Date

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    So just for clarification, this is the process I have been using to follow up with folks that haven't honoured their committments with the Blind Print Exchange.

    1. During exchange period (up to the due date) - people post whether thay have sent or recieved their prints.
    2. 1 month after due date, I post a non-specific public reminder to send the print since the due date has passed. I also PM specific individuals reminding them the due has passed.
    3. 2 months afterwards, I post a public list of jilted recipients still waiting for their prints, plus I PM the individuals that haven't sent their prints to do so.
    4. 3 months afterwards, I post another public list of who owes what to whom and I also PM the individuals to send their prints.
    In some cases, after 6, 9 and 12 months, I send another PM reminding them that they still owe a print to an individual and should send one.

    After the 3 month past due date, this is when any stragglers are put on the deadbeat list and the other exchange organizers are informed.

    Tell me what people think about this process. Again, this is the process I follow for the Blind Print Exchange only and the other organizers may have a different process.

    Regards, Art.