FlexColor and Mojave

Discussion in 'Scanning and Scanners' started by drmoss_ca, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. drmoss_ca

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    Apr 25, 2010
    Multi Format
    Notice to early adopters: FlexColor will run on macOS Mojave, after you dismiss the one-time 32-bit warning. Getting the scanner (an X1) recognised took a few pluggings-in and restarts of the app, and to physically connect it I used a Firewire 400 > Firewire 800 adapting cable, topped with a FW800>Thunderbolt dongle, followed by a Thunderbolt to USB-C dongle. Only one of my Macs is young enough to allow the upgrade to 10.14/Mojave, so the others can still be used either with the FW cable or the cable plus the first dongle, and if I outlast them, I can fudge it to the USB-C ports of my current MacBook Pro as long as I either keep it at 10.14 or Hasselblad comes up with 64-bit software.
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