Filters and lens hood for SWC

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    Four years or so I worked at a place that had a 500 c/m and a 4 or 5 lenses not being used so I started using them. perhaps a big mistake as now have my own system, a 500 C/M, 60 and 150 Cf and the use of a 100 C lens plus ext tubes etc. My wife also liked the system and used the 50 from my former employer most and last month an almost local deal came up on a SWC so we bought it and returned the borrowed system to one of my former coworkers who had in the meantime decided he also liked the system. The moral is never let a friend try out equipment that you have borrowed from where he works if you do not want to give it up. Perhaps as he is an APUGGER that is alright:whistling:

    Originally I wanted to get a SWC/M with a CF lens so can share filters and hood however the prices seem more than I wanted to pay and this one came up and there was of course no shipping so went for it. As it turns out the ability to share filters and a lens hood might not be so important as when we are both out shooting I never see this new camera anyways.

    So what do people use for filters on this Series 63 lens. We have a set of 77mm ones for the LF and Pentax lenses and a 67 IR lens plus 4 Bay 60 filters. Series 83 seem rather rare and we really only need a polarizer and red-orange although it would be nice to use the IR on the SWC as well.

    Are there adapters for the Series 63 lenses to be able to use these other filter sizes? On ebay the description of the few adapters do not really explain which direction they go. Also has anyone here had adapters made to be able to screw in 67 mm onto these lenses. I do have access to a millwright if that is the only direction I can go . KEH has the hoods so that is not the problem. Thanks for any advise anyone can offer.

    Otherwise quite content with our systems, now have 6 backs, 4 of which are the older style and one of them plus the A12 that came with the SWC leak light but I have the kits from Hasselblad. Compared to any other system I have ever used this one just seems right. Not that I would give up 35mm/digital as well but this is just the one I enjoy using the most.
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    The original SWC uses Series Vlll filters and should have a retaining ring on the lens. Maybe lost?
    For convenience a Series Vlll to 67/72/77 mm should be readily available. Check out "heavystar" on the auction site.