Experience with Lencarta studio flashes

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Mats_A, Feb 28, 2011.

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    Jan 31, 2010
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    So far all my indoor portraits have been shot with off-camera flashes (Strobist style). It works OK for headshots (sometimes) but full body shots or more than 2 people is a pain. So I'm looking for an affordable studio flash set. I have been looking at a set from Lencarta in the UK.
    Does anyone here have any experience with these strobes?


  2. Mike Wilde

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    Aug 10, 2006
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    Sorry, my portable battery powered studio rig is a bit of a dogs breakfast to look at, but works fine.

    In my experience affordable and studio flash are not two words that go together

    I use a Braun EF300 or Norman 200B for the main light, usually into a softbox. Up to a 3x4 box works ok with 160iso film.

    Fill light is usually with a Metz 60CT-1 with a mecamat to allow its output to be dialled down and bounced off an umbrella, or the back wall, if it is the right color.

    Hair or backgound is usually a Sunpak 522 which also can be manually dialled back.

    No modelling light, but exerience and a flash meter gives me good success. Most of these mongrels I have brought back from the dead cleaned up and fed AGM UPS power cells to get lots of flashes at a reasonable price.

    Once you try to lift my studio flash rig, you will understand why I also have a 'lite' battery powered rig.

    My studio has a well used Speedotron 2400w/s blackline and its 4 heads in a road case that I consider came at a fair price at $1800 , but in my book that is a long way from 'affordable'.