Escaping Images (comments on LensWork #49)

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    Aug 2, 2003
    Escaping Images

    Just as writing cannot escape from words the print cannot escape from it’s image, but thought certainly can and does escape writing just as the imagined can and does escape the print. It is the escaped images, the imagined and unimaginable that interest and inspire me on and not the artifacts left behind along the path.

    The artifact is a danger, forming power centers, capturing, grouping people and entities within it’s orbit, raping silence, spinning the world into tonalities-dualities-actualities, digitizing, fragmenting and accelerating, evangelizing and humanizing, copulating, spawning reproductions which misplace time and space, fixing us neutered within an imaged matrix, flirting with us as a whore in a brothel would, seducing and enclosing us in meaningful Rooms of Comfort.

    Mr. Editor, I’d prefer to come upon a picture of a fuzzy concept - trajectories of unknowns and possibilities rather than a sharp expertly tonaled photograph of something all so well known - of static realities, artifacts bearing their gifts of meaning and value. The bridges are built Mr. Editor, it is time to cross.

    Why is it that LensWork appears to have become more a purveyor of artifact and less of a beacon along a path?

    Respectfully submitted,

    John Powers