Emulsion Making and Coating, June 3 - 8

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    I will be giving another workshop at the Photographers Formulary covering the title topics the first full week in June.

    You will have the opportunity to make and coat an Azo type paper emulsion in at least two contrast grades, a Kodabromide/Brovira type paper emulsion, and an ISO 40 speed orthochromatic emulsion on film and paper.

    I'm going to work you from about 7 am to 11 pm in the classroom and in the lab, and even through meals where we discuss photography in all of its aspects. So, get ready for an intensive week of learning.

    The technical aspects including chemistry and engineering will be minimal.

    I look forward to my 4th workshop. See more details at the formulary web site.

    Warmest regards.

    Ron Mowrey